Engineering case

Beautiful village construction domestic sewage treatment project

The construction of beautiful countryside focuses on promoting the construction of "one line and one point" in beautiful countryside, and is an important work measure to integrate urban and rural construction, industrial development and environmental protection。Through a series of measures to build beautiful villages, such as infrastructure construction, village environmental management, sewage treatment, and industrial development, it has gradually become a beautiful village with beautiful villages and rich people, happy and livable, and the transportation, production and living environment of the people have been greatly improved, and it is the biggest beneficiary of the construction of beautiful villages。Through the construction of beautiful villages, strengthen infrastructure construction, use sewage treatment equipment, increase village environmental governance, bid farewell to the era of sewage by evaporation and garbage by the wind, and make rural villages look new。Shuiyunjian Environmental Protection has developed a small rural domestic sewage treatment equipment for dispersed residential areas for the construction of beautiful villages, which has contributed to the construction of beautiful villages。