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Dawu County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine sewage treatment project

    Dawu County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine建成In 1984, it was a medical, health and rehabilitation institute教学Integrate scientific researchModern comprehensive with distinctive TCM characteristics and advantages"Second Class A" Chinese medicine hospitalIn 2008, it was identified as "Dawu County Huimin Hospital" by the county government.。2014 named Xiaogan City "civilized Unit"。In 2015, it was awarded the honorary title of "Good Hospital" by Xiaogan City Health and Family Planning Commission。In 2015, it was identified by the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission as one of the four pilot hospitals of "medical and nursing combination" in the province。In 2016, it was awarded by the Hubei Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission.Provincial civilized Chinese medicine hospital”单位。In 2017, it established a "Teaching hospital" with Wuhan University of Science and Technology Medical School。

    In January 2017, the "new Hospital Area" located in the new high-speed railway District was officially completed and put into use, and since then the hospital has opened the operation mode of "one hospital and two districts"。

    The total construction area of the old and new hospitals is total56,639 square meters。Open bed800Active employee492 people, including 410 professional and technical personnel, senior titles 9People, intermediate title 70 people, graduate degree 5 people, undergraduate degree 105 people。医院There are internal, external, women, children, spleen and stomach, critical medicine, rehabilitation, emergencyDiagnosis, hemodialysis, etc25The clinical departments and7A medical technology department。Among them, the rehabilitation department is the provincial key specialty, and the stroke department is the municipal key specialty。医院拥有Large advanced medical equipment40余(套)