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How to deal with landfill leachate

  Landfill leachate is a kind of high concentration organic pollutants, its water composition is complex, contains many kinds of ammonia nitrogen, toxic and harmful metal content is high, if the leakage and release from the landfill will lead to potential health hazards, groundwater pollution, air pollution and greenhouse effect and other environmental problems。In view of the above characteristics of landfill leachate in the industry, there are several common landfill leachate treatment methods, Xiaobian today to give you a summary, introduce the current common severalXiaogan landfill leachateThe treatment method:
  1. By adding flocculant to leachate, organic matter, suspended matter and ammonia nitrogen in leachate can be removed effectively。The flocculants used to treat landfill leachate mainly include iron salt, aluminum salt, PAM and so on。
  2.Fenton oxidation technology uses ferrous ions as a catalyst to oxidize organic matter in water through hydroxyl free radicals produced by hydrogen peroxide。
  3.Ozone oxidation technology is to use the strong oxidation of ozone to directly oxidize organic matter in landfill leachate water。This method is simple to operate, no secondary pollution, the disadvantages are large investment costs, high energy consumption, equipment maintenance and management difficulties。
  4.The method of converting organic matter in sewage into CO2 and H2O by high temperature and high pressure under the action of catalyst。The advantage of wet oxidation is that it has a good removal effect on refractory organic matter, and the disadvantage is that it requires high temperature and pressure, and high energy consumption。
  5.The adsorption method represented by activated carbon is a common method in wastewater treatment。Using the huge specific surface area and adsorption characteristics of the adsorbent, the pollutants in the wastewater can be trapped in the adsorbent to achieve the removal of pollutants。
  6.In recent decades, a variety of membrane materials have developed very rapidly, and membrane materials with different pore sizes have played an increasingly important role in sewage treatment。Because the composition of landfill leachate is complex and the biochemical treatment is difficult, the current popular process is to put the membrane process last。