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| Shuiyun Jian environmental protection "zero power" patent product Xizhong Xiaogan beautiful rural environmental treatment project

       It is another year in the middle of summer, sailing ahead at that time, Shuiyun Jian environmental protection frequently came the good news......
     Recently, our company successfully won the bid for Xiaonan District Environmental Protection Bureau of Xiaogan City rural environment comprehensive treatment project, for the company in Hubei local market to add new achievements;The good news is pouring in, demonstrating the strong construction technical strength and good market reputation of Shuiyun Jian Environmental Protection。Here, thank the new and old customers for their trust and support, the company will always uphold the "stand at attention, action is better than words" spirit of enterprise, with a high sense of responsibility, is committed to optimizing the ecological environment, promote harmony between people and nature as the mission, and share with customers "accompanied by water cloud stream, healthy every day"。

     In recent years, Shuiyun Jian environmental protection to technological innovation as the lead, committed to environmental pollution technology research and development and application transformation, in the continuous optimization and improvement of advanced and applicable environmental protection technology at the same time, the company's unique"Zero power" beautiful village sewage treatmentThe equipment has obvious technical advantages for rural construction sewage, rural domestic sewage, constructed wetland sewage treatment, and rural environment continuous regulation sewage treatment, and can minimize the construction cost and reduce the cost of environmental treatment and restoration。

     In the next step, the company will deploy talented forces, set up a project management team, conduct scientific management and fine construction to ensure that the project area's environmental governance and the remediation of all pollutants in the contaminated site meet the standards, and make positive contributions to the construction of a beautiful China。