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Shuiyunjian people are not afraid of the hot summer field survey and design, and promote the beautiful rural construction strategy to take root

      In the summer of July, the scorching sun and scorching sun, Shuiyun Jian environmental protection company leaders and project technicians came to the company's "beautiful countryside" project site in the heat of the summer, in the form of field survey, carefully listening to the introduction of the construction unit leaders, to understand the project in detail。
     The survey and design team inspected the village appearance, public facilities and infrastructure construction on site,Listened to the local village cadres on the situation of the village,The paper also discussed the local environment sanitation improvement, village facade reconstruction, landfill, waste water discharge, landscape environment improvement and so on,It lays a good foundation for the later construction design of the project。
     In line with the company's mission of "committed to optimizing the ecological environment and promoting harmony between man and nature",Shuiyun Jian environmental protection will effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency,We will intensify coordination and coordination,Accelerate the project construction progress,High standard requirements, high quality construction,Complete the set goals and tasks for the construction of beautiful villages on time,Strive to create a number of provincial and national "beautiful countryside" business card projects for Xiaogan。
Project technicians conduct survey and design on site